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GHCCRES | DSM-V62.3 Academic or Educational Problem

The Guest House Cultural Capital Residency (GHCCRes) Program, 2017-ongoing
The Guest House Cultural Capital Residency (GHCCRes) is a visiting scholar residency program that I initiated to bring interdisciplinary scholars and artists to the "rural-adjacent" community of Richland in central Washington state. The GHCCRes welcomes creative scholars with diverse backgrounds and research agendas to participate in the community-based residency. Innovative and socially conscious practitioners working in a variety of fields and industries including the visual arts, architecture, engineering, urban planning, social work, design and media arts, creative writing & literature, culinary arts, etc. are encouraged to apply. Selected residents stay with (or near) a student living-learning community (LLC) of Washington State University, Tri-Cities (WSUTC). Residents are invited to develop and lead educational and creative activities and projects as well as provide academic lectures open to LLC dormitory students, the WSUTC campus, and the community at large. As for the nature of the “cultural capital” label, (a borrowed Bourdieusian concept), the GHCCRes seeks to promote creative research, diversity, education, entrepreneurship, and innovation in our region, to re-define our “cultural trajectory,” and build creative capital in the area while empowering local constituents. Ensuing photos include visiting 2017 GHCCRes scholars Laurel Terlesky, Sarah Kavage, June Tay Sanders with Biologist Jim Cooper and Washington State University undergraduate and graduate students. {More here}

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