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JP | DSM-301.82 Avoidant Personality Disorder

Juried Performance: A Triptych + Selected UN-Juried Exhibitions, 2016-ongoing
"Juried Performance" is an ongoing inquiry into the symbols, processes, and systems associated with institutionalized power and the hegemonic elite. Revolving primarily around a collection of recorded parasuicidal rituals* and protests that occurred in public spaces in front of an absentee jury, the project analogizes the “juried art competition” to today’s sociopolitical climate and inequitable class hierarchies, a callous model of capitalistic theater where ultimate success or failure is determined by the most privileged and powerful.

“Juried Performance” as a project is comprised of two integral elements. The first part is a video triptych comprised of 3 HD films documenting 3 unique yet simultaneously connected un-commissioned performances. The second component of JP revolves around an ongoing postal mail and "institutional intervention" aimed at "inviting" key curatorial players to "jury" the video performance series. To date (2/20/17), 9 USB drives have been loaded with a Quicktime video file of the documented performances and strategically sent to 9 well-known contemporary art institutions across the United States and Europe via post. As this project is technically uncommissioned and "unjuried," it "forces" institutional review and participation by delivering the packages to the museums, moreover generating a discussion related to the submission of artist works, the jury process, and ultimate validation (or discreditation) based on acceptance or denial.

A {website} has been built to track these "UN-juried" exhibitions, the date the packages were shipped and received, and to whom at the institutions the USBs were addressed (i.e., curator, director, etc.). The act of "selecting" these institutions and "jurors" strives to reverse and deconstruct the power dynamics and customary roles of maker and master. Are we only to submit to the authoritative juror with the hope of one day being named master? Are there any gestures left that are just too compelling to ignore? Can we demand that these juries take notice? (Collaboration with Phil Mudd) {More here}

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