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TMOF | DSM-300.29 Specific Phobia (Mysophobia)

The Method Of Factors: A Therapeutic Case Study, 2009-2011
As a licensed psychotherapist (one suffering from slight Mysophobia, a.k.a. Germaphobia), I opted to expose myself to a very effective Cognitive Behavioral psychotherapeutic modality utilized in the treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Over 2010-2011, I documented a 6-month intervention period consisting of ongoing Exposure Therapy targeting issues pertaining to Mysophobia and my inability to use restroom facilities outside of my private/personal residence. In addition to the exposure treatment (slow exposure to a specific phobia, in this case "not using public restrooms because of germs"), I documented all restroom visits and all of my beautiful by-products. Photos and associated data including facility location, by-product information, and time/date of event from the 6-month treatment period were stored in various spreadsheets. Research was then analyzed in statistical computing software R to assess efficacy of intervention, probabilities of reoccurrence, and engender a collection of several statistical graphs (time-series, histogram, scatter, pie, etc.) to best highlight information.

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