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PTTG | DSM-300.14 Dissociative Identity Disorder

Power To The Geeks: A Cosplay-Diversity March and Fundraising Campaign, 2014
A mass demonstration rally, durational performance, cosplay march (3K protest walk down GW Way) and social event in Howard Amon Park (at the FingerNail stage) that I organized, directed, and financed partnering with community and student collaborators. The project and event drew approximately 125 participants, most dressed in costume, who championed cultural diversity, raised awareness for at-risk youth, and collected significant donations and funding to help keep the local youth shelter My Friend’s Place solvent and open in Kennewick, WA. Partners included Urban Poets Society, Country Gentleman, Gesa Credit Union, Safe Harbor, Tumble Down Badger, Jordan Chaney, Doug Gast, and undergraduate student partners from Washington State University: J.Jensen, E.Byers, M.Artaega, A.Record, J.Hawkes. {More here}

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